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Supercharged Food

Lee Holmes Writer and super-food advocate. 305 Followers
Lee Holmes is here to help us use nature's superfoods to improve our lives and make us feel great inside and out! 
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If you’re looking to ‘supercharge’ your life with a nutritious eating plan, want to have mountains of energy and feel fantastic, then this is the book for you.

Offers a wealth of satisfying gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast and sugar-free recipes, so you can dine superbly on nutrient-rich and flavour some foods whatever your dietary requirements. This book is all about keeping it real, with simple, uncomplicated and versatile recipes that will help you live a healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste.

Whether you’re just starting your adventures in the kitchen or you’re a food connoisseur, you’ll find plenty of tips and advice about ingredients, ‘superstar foods’ and shopping. You’ll also find ample menu options to suit any occasion, from breakfast to lunch, dinner to dessert and beyond, including yummy snacks and ideas for school lunches or seasonal soirees with friends.

And no one will ever suspect they’re indulging in gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast, and sugar-free food!